List of Turbine Component Companies in India

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Laxmi Udyog

Manufacturers and Exporters of a)COMPONENTS & ACCESSORIES FOR OIL & GAS EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION i)Fluid End Parts of various Mud Pumps e.g. Cylinder Liners, Piston Rods, Valve Assly, Extension Rods, Pistons, Plugers - API Spec. 7k. ii)Rotary Drilling Equipments e.g. various size Cross Overs/Substitutes, Tool Joints, Short length Drill Collars, Kelly Saver Subs, Swivel Subs, Throway Subs,Junk Subs, Bent Subs, Lift Subs, Reduced Section Subs, Short Length Drill Collar, Short Length Kellys - API Spec. 7. iii)Cementing Aids - Straight Casing Centralizers, Rigid & Semi Rigid Centralizers, Turbolizers, Spirolizers, Scratchers, Stop Collars- API Sec. 10 D iv)Sucker Rods, Pony Rods, Sinkar Bars, Couplings and Sub-couplings, Sucker Rod tongs elevators, Polished Rod Clamp, Sucker Rod Elevator, Sucker Rod Roller Guide, Pumping Tee, Sucker Rod Wrench - API Spec. 11B v)Miscellaneous e.g. Tubing Tongs 1.1/2. to 3., Tong Dies, Slip Die Inserts, Tubing Pup Joints, Swievels Chickson Joints, Hammer Unions, Casing Scrapers, Was Pipes, Recovery Taps, Drive Spindles, Agitator Shafts, Digestor Shafts etc. vi) Rethreading of Drill Collars, Drill Pipes, Kellys and Cross Overs. vii)Shale Shaker & its components. MINING EQUIPMENTS AND COMPONENTS i) Pneumatic Drill Steel Supports (BSP-10) ii) Granby Cars. iii) Spares for Rock Breakers, Jarvis Clarke ELHC & BMS-45 iv) Alimak Raise Climbers v) Moil Points Chiesels, Drill Pipes, Drill Rods. vi) Other Components/ Spares c) ALUMINIUM SLURRY PUMP COMPONENTS i) Cylinder Liners, Piston Rods, Pistons, Valve Assembly ii) Agitator Shafts

  • Sections, steel and rolled steel
  • Basic metal products
  • Tees, rolled steel...
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