India Shows A Growing Sign Towards Quarried Stone Export Business

General statistics based on quarry mining
India is defined as a country, well endowed with quarried stone. The Indian mining industry now stands in a current worth of USD44.4 billion, which represents around 2.51% of the present country’s GDP. Now, the domestic consumption of natural stones are worth around USD 1.25 billion, and the global export share is now within 27%. This sector is known for possessing hidden potential and represents a higher economic growth of India.
Present variation of quarried stones
Indian green marble is considered to be one of the most promising examples of Indian quarried stone. It is mostly found in Rajasthan, India and the majority of this stone can be found in Kesariyaji. This place is again 60KM from Udaipur, in Rajasthan. This quarried stone is famous all over the world and is known in a different name. The product is exported to various parts of the world, like Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia and various other Asian countries.
Other forms of dimensional stones
Different other dimensional stones are now quarried in India and used in various consumptions. Laterite bricks are mainly quarried in higher quantities and utilized for constructing houses and pavements in Karnataka, Orissa and Goa. Felspathic sandstones are also sometimes used as building stone. There is a huge deposit of basalt, in some Indian states like Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat, which are now used as building stones. Some other forms of Quarried stones, like schists and phyllites, are used for constructional purposes. Khondelites are used for constructing sculptures and defined as a building material.
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