Leather industry of India

Scenario of the leather industry
Today, leather is used in various industries and among them is the fashion industry where the leather is used in footwear, handbags, belts, wallets, caps, and more. It is also seen in the furniture and interior design industry for designing the furniture and upholstery etc. In the automotive industry, it is used for seat covers in vehicles. The leather industry is prominent and also serves the Indian economy as it is also exported to various other countries. The industry has also provided employment to around 2.5 million people in India. The country today is the 5th largest exporter of leather good and accessories. Leather has made a great impact on the exports as there is a drastically growth in exports from raw materials to ready products exports. International trade is on the increase due to the leather business. Footwear accounted for the maximum exports, followed by a harness and saddler and other goods. Most of the exports are to European countries and also Hong Kong, UAE, US and china.
Scope for the leather industry
The country has no dearth of raw material and livestock is found in plenty here and therefore the hide and skin is always found in the country itself. Apart from this, there are highly skilled labors here that are affordable and available all over the country. The population of cattle is tremendous and there are various animals like buffaloes, goats, cows, etc that is the strength of the leather industry in India. As the country ranks first in the livestock holding countries in the world, there is wide scope for production and export of leather goods. The leather products are plenty right from footwear to car seats and more. The industry is today the top 8th industry that generates export revenue in the country.

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