The Indian metal pipe opportunities and trends

The trends and opportunities in metal pipes
The pipe industry of Indian has experienced rapid expansion in the past years. The reason for this is the demand in the various sectors like real estate, irrigation sector, gas sector and oil sector. There are different pipes made of different materials and all are in great demand due to the various applications of these pipes. There is a particular demand for seamless steel pipes or the LSAW pipes and the HSAW pipes which is increasing due to the increase in sectors like gas and oil transportation in the country. The PVC pipes and also the CPVC pipes are also competing with the metal pipes and valves. The growing economy can be a good reason for the demand as there is a better infrastructure development, urbanization and also the development and construction of residential and construction growth. The government has several infrastructure plans all over the county and with the announcement of ‘smart city’ planning and execution the future is also bright for the metal pipe work. The main business sector for pipe industry is the water supply and the housing sector. Therefore the end users are one of the major sectors for demand of pipes.

Demand and growth
The pipes industry is today growing and the future predictions that the growth will only increasing creating more opportunities for profits, economy of the country, employment, and more. The demand for the steel pipes and tubes increased at CARG of 6 %. The Indian pipe industry is among the top manufacturing hub and is recognized globally and has its presence in various categories of pipes. Exports are done on a large scale to countries like Europe, USA, and the Middle East. The domestic as well as industrial use has been growing since the past decade and the reason is the entry of foreign players.

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