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India is the 7th & 3rd largest producer of chemicals worldwide and Asia respectively. The estimated size of Indian chemicals sector is approximately USD 139 billion. The sector also acts as a key enabling industry and provides support for variety of other sectors like agriculture, construction, leather etc.

The top chemical companies in India have capability to expand technologies and set up composite chemical plants with a total quality approach and have become a favourite source in global product markets.

The Indian pharmaceuticals market is 3rd largest in terms of volume and 13th largest in terms of value. Globally, India is the largest provider of generic drugs. Indian generics account for 20% of global exports.

Set to grow at an annual of 5%, the Indian pharma industry is to outperform the global pharma in the next 3 years. Driven by increasing consumer spending, rapid urbanisation and raising healthcare insurance, the market size is expected to grow to US$ 55 billion by 2020.

With attributes such as skilled manpower, infrastructure and capacity, and the availability of domestically manufactured raw material, the Indian plastics industry produces and exports a wide range of raw materials, plastic-moulded extruded goods, polyester films, moulded / soft luggage items, writing instruments, plastic woven sacks and bags, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), leather cloth and sheeting, packaging, consumer goods, sanitary fittings, electrical accessories, laboratory / medical surgical ware, tarpaulins, laminates, fishnets, travel ware, and others.

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