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Overview of the storage and handling equipment
The Indian storage industry is in a modern form today and is expected to grow and provide opportunities to industry players in the next few years. The industry of storage is set to grow at CARG of 8 % to 10% and the modern storage at 25 % to 30 % in the next 5 years. The reasons for the growth are plenty like the global demand, growth in the organized retail, increased manufacturing activities, international trade and exports and more. Today, we see a different approach to the business and industry and with it the entry of international players in the industries of India have made all the difference to the storage and handling sector. Today, there is a need for handling all types of products and transporting them to various regions and faraway places and that is why highly sophisticated equipments are used and the intervention of technology has made things better. The automated material handling equipments and standards are introduced which has intensified the service in this sector.
Growth for storage and handling equipment
Today the sector has been very much in demand for liquid storage, agriculture storage, chemical storage, fresh fish, cold stores, pharmaceuticals and more such were storage is important for certain period as the production is fast and sometimes transportation are carried out. India is fast realizing the importance of storage plant and handling equipment in various types of industries in the country. The developments and the infrastructure is now getting more focus and the government is planning out various schemes to improve the sector and be a helpful sector for the industries. Every industry needs a storage plant and some need handling equipment as well. This sector will increase in the coming years.
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