The rising industrial sector of Gujarat and the online business platform.

Promising overview
Gujarat has been popular for its business minded people who are experts in all kinds of businesses. The state also boasts of various kinds of industries and leads in various sectors as well. The state’s FDI was worth $11 billion in 2000 to 2015 and is regarded as the second highest recipient in the country. The gross state domestic product was around $142.38 billion in 2014 and the growth rate in the same year as 12.11%. The state is popular for its petroleum refineries and the presence of private and public sector companies here. What’s more, the state is also world’s largest processed diamond exporter that makes about 80% share of the country’s exports and 65% of the country’s denim production. This means that the employment opportunities are plenty along with business opportunities, imports and exports as well.

Market size and share
Today, Gujarat is the third largest manufacturer of denim in the world and contributes around 19.1 % of the total exports of the country. Due to the excellent roads, 18 domestic airports, 1 international airport, 45 ports that are well located and maintained, the state has been able to improve industrial sector and businesses. Even in the future, the state has a promising scenario in the economic sector as there are large scale investors who are expected to invest around $90 billion. The key industries that we find here are agro, food processing and dairy, engineering, auto, IT, gas, power and oil. The government too offers attractive incentives and other benefits for prospective investors in Gujarat who can truly find plenty of opportunities.

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Meet established clients and even amateurs in the business that are opening up and want to meet potential clients. The online portal is a great way to expand and also provide information about eh product and get great deals for raw materials or even finished products at competitive rates.
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