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Agriculture is the cultivation and breeding of animals, plants and fungi for food, fiber, bio-fuel, medicinal plants and other products used to sustain and enhance human life.
The Department of Agriculture and Cooperation under the Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for development of Indian agriculture sector. It manages several other bodies like National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), to develop other allied agricultural sectors.
India holds the 2nd largest agricultural land in the world with 157.35 million hectares. Agriculture plays a vital role in India’s economy. Over 58% of the rural homes depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood.
Agriculture GDP is expected to grow above-trend at 4.1% to Rs 1.11 trillion. India's food grain production is expected to be 271.98 million tonnes (MT) in 2016-17. Production of pulses is estimated at 22.14 MT. Wheat production to touch an all-time high of 96.6 MT.
Agriculture export statistics show that during April 2016-February 2017, exports of agricultural and processed food products totalled US$ 14.275 billion. During this period the export of cereals and animal products accounted for 37.60% of the total exports, followed by livestock products (27.58%), other processed foods (17.92%), fresh fruits and vegetables (9.56%), and processed fruits and vegetables (6.38%).
Indian food market is world’s 6th largest and contributes around 8.80% and 8.39% of Gross Value Added (GVA) in Manufacturing and Agriculture respectively. Increased investments in agriculture sector in India, reduced transaction costs and time and better fiscal incentives would contribute to the sector’s growth.
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