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Indian medical care industry is growing neck to neck with the country’s pharmaceutical industry and software industry. The industry consists of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and instruments, machinery, health care in retail market, medical technology, medical tourism, wellness, medical education, health insurance and a lot more.
Today, more than 140 million people of the total population of the country falls in the age bracket of 60 plus. More than 16 million of the household come under the high-income category. The population from the age group of 35 to 65 years will expand in numbers. The number of people suffering from heart diseases, cancer and diabetes will also grow at a rate of more than 47%.
The industry, today, is worth around $ 20 billion. It is anticipated that, it will grow at a rate of 13% per year. Also, in the years to come, the medical care industry in India is expected to be the engine of the country’s economy.
The Indian government is playing a significant role in the medical care sector. There are a number of good standard medical, dental and nursing colleges that are funded by the government. These institutions have the ability of providing the best of academic learning and practical training, and exposure in the field to the students at a nominal amount of fees. Those who pass out from these institutions with degrees, are regarded as highly-skilled all over the world. A lot of potential is seen in sectors like vaccines, therapeutics, medical devices and diagnostic research.
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