Get a glimpse of the progress of Haryana in the industrial sector.

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Expansion and development in Haryana
The GSDP of the state of Haryana was 3.5% and grew in 2004 at the annual growth rate of 12.93 %. Today, the state exports software to other countries and ranks third largest in the country and is also a popular IT hub. The state is also a magnet that attracts foreign direct investments. The city of Gurgaon plays an important role in the IT and BPO industry. These industries have contributed to boost the economic development of the state. The industrial development is expected to push more opportunities in the state, especially in various sectors and not just the tech sector. Industrial setup is growing like never before, and one can see growth in small, medium and large sectors.

Prominent industries
Haryana is known to have India’s largest automobile industries and contributes 2/3rd of passenger cars manufacturing with 50% of tractors and 60% of motorcycles as well. The biotechnology industry is fast growing, and that helps employment as there is a large workforce available easily. The other industries found here are mobile computing, chip manufacturing, agro – processing industries, etc. The state has facilities like SEZs and is a prominent trade and consumption center as well. The state government has taken several initiatives for the development of industrial infrastructure to help the economic growth. The state offers various incentives for businesses and industries. The key industries here are textiles, biotechnology, oil refining and petrochemicals apart from the IT and automobile industries, which contribute to a large extent to the state’s economic growth. The state government is setting up various theme parks, Industrial Township, and specialized parks.

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