How far has the education sector reached in India?

Education and training sector
The country has over 1.4 million schools and more than 227 million students who have enrolled in schools and other educational institutions. Around 36,000 higher education institutions can be found in the country and India has come out as the largest higher education system in the world. India still has a lot to do in this sector and development is expected as well. Various international organizations and other institutions are also running successfully in the country. We do see lots of students interested in foreign degrees and therefore enroll in these foreign institutes in India. Education and training institutes are also seen in vast numbers as students today know the importance of education as well as training that is needed after earning the degree.

The current scenario
Today the education sector is booming both offline and online as well. The online education is expected to come around $ 40 billion by 2017 and the distance education will growth at CAGR of 34 % from 2013 to 2017-18. Currently the education sector is valued at $ 100 billion, with the higher education valued at 59.7 % of market size. The government has also great plans in the education sector and is ready to invest more in the coming years. The total amount of FDI inflow in the education sector is $ 1,171.10 million from 2000 to 2015. The government initiatives are implemented to boost the industry and new techniques like M-learning and E-learning. Today we see schools and colleges even in the remotest areas of the country and so more and more rural children are getting educated.

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