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Today, we see the demand is rising due to the Indian economic growth and the influx of various companies in various sectors. The total value of the industry today is worth $ 14 billion and will grow another 10% in the coming years. Everyone today needs timely and effective transportation of products and goods from different places and it directly affects the manufacturing and industrial sector and also the private purpose. The country’s transport sector is very diverse and huge and caters to around 1.1billion people. Good connectivity and infrastructure stand to gain from the transport industry. Major improvements and developments are seen in this sector and various implementations that are carried out by the government to improve the position and condition of the industry. There are four major sectors in transport like railway, roadways, waterways and airways. All the sectors are used for commercial as well as private purposes and are popular too.
Investments and scope
Various foreign and Indian players are involved in the industry with huge investments. Some of the companies have partnered with the Indian companies to help grow the industry with employment and business. The key players are TNT, AFL, Blue Dart, GARI, and more. The government has come up with major plans to help the industry grow and expand and has plans to improve the quality of roads, the ports, airports, etc. there are certain drawbacks like congestion, poor roads, parking space, inadequate capacity and more. Some of the projects include the National Highway development project, rural roads program, state road projects, sustainable urban transport project and more. The World Bank will support all the major projects in the country to boost growth.
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