Present Growing Rate Of Indian Glass, Cement And Ceramics Industries

Growing rate of glass industry:
Glass is defined to be an inorganic product, manufactured using silica, calcium compound and soda and with a perfect mix of metallic oxides. At present, glass industry is mainly segregated into four segments, and those are container glass, specialty glass, fiber glass and flat glass. Indian glass industry is old and well established, with the primary setup, dated back in the year 1908. Float and sheet glass have now been recorded with fastest growth, with nearly 61% CAGR, within 2001 and 2005. Glassware exports have now been growing at a rate of 17%, over a period of 2 years.
More towards cement industry:
India can produce 390 MT of cement, which makes it the second cement producer in the world. It produces 6.7% of cement output on a global basis. The cement producing capacity is said to touch the 550 MT mark.
The Indian ceramic industry:
The ceramic tile industry of India emerged in 1950s, where tiles are the prominent parts of the ceramic industry. Some basic options are wall tiles, floor tiles, and porcelain and vitrified tiles. At present, Indian ceramic tile industry is mainly estimated at US $0.35 billion. The per capital consumption is 0.15 square meters, on annual rate.
Growth in domestic construction industry:
At present, construction industry is now experiencing quick growth over past years, and mainly driven forward by rest estate industry. The primary success factors for the entire ceramic industry are more or less similar to the glass industry. Both these areas use energy intensive manufacturing procedure. Therefore, the key success factors lie in efficient manufacturing procedure, supply chain distribution and management, technologies as in vitrified tiles and porcelain and branding.
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