The role of electrical and electronics industry in India

The growth of electrical energy
The Indian installed power generation capacity has been increased from 1974 from 16,600 MW to 223,000 MW in 2013. The thermal sources like gas, coal, diesel, lignite accounted for 68% of power generation 2013. The consumption of power has also increased from 126 KWh in 1974 to 917 KWh in 2013 that grew by 5.2 % in that year. The electrical equipment industry plays a key role in the economy of India, and provides employment to almost half a million people and also indirect employment to almost a million. The equipment sector has also witnessed a growth in production and manufacturing sector and contributing to the Indian revenue. The electrical equipment industry is classified into generation equipment, transmission and distribution equipment and other equipment. The total value of the industry stood at INR 1,300 billion in 2013. The industry comprises of enterprises that are small, large and medium and foreign investors, who have a direct presence or have partnered with domestic players.
The electronic sector
The demand for the electronic devices is expected to rise to 400 billion dollars by 2020. The government is taking initiatives to manufacture electronic devices right in the country in order to curb the imports. It is focussing on making the electronic industry more competitive in the global market. It has plans to establish production cluster, development, and research with the collaboration of foreign companies. The electronic sector comprises of industrial and consumer electronics, communication, computers, broadcasting equipment and electronic components. The government is working on improving the infrastructure for the industry as well as the easing of foreign investment procedures with the tariff.
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