Significance of electronic telecommunication sector in India

Telecommunication sector in India
Today, telecommunication is highly important to people for various purposes. It seems impossible to live without the telecommunication system. The Indian telecom sector is today the fastest growing in the world and there is a huge demand for skilled and qualified professionals with technical knowledge in the field. Career opportunities are immense and have a wide scope for engineers, administrative personnel and technicians. The telecom industry of India stands 2nd in the world, and the mobile economy is growing the gross domestic production. The reformist and liberal policies have been the key to the consumer demand and the growth. The government has provided easy access to the telecom products and has a fair proactive regulatory framework. The mobile services market revenue is expected to reach $ 37 billion in 2017 and will have a growth of 5.2 % from 2014 – 2017. The Smartphone are highly in demand, and they are expected to account for almost 3/4th of the mobile connections globally by 2020 and will make India the 4th largest Smartphone market. Even the broadband will increase to 250 million by 2017.

The growth and scope
The telecom sector in India is expected to generate around 4 million jobs in the coming years. There will be vast employment opportunities due to the efforts of the government and also increase penetration in the rural areas. The investment from the foreign companies here is great which has already given a boost to the industry. It has also attracted the FDI worth $ 17,058.03 million. There are today fast-tracked reforms in the telecom sector and has a vision for growth as well. There are some major initiatives taken by the government like speeding up plans to roll out high-speed wi-fi to 2,500 cities and towns.

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