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Growth of Indian printing industry:
Over the past few years, the Indian Printing Industry has now grown to a completely new level. The printing industry runs with its allied industries, like packaging industry, printing machinery manufacturers, ink manufacturing, paper manufacturing and raw material manufacturers and consumables. In a layman’s term, these important industries collaborate to rank second in global rankings. Recent statistics show that 2,50,000 or even more number of printing presses exists in India. The capital investment lies over the $2billion mark. Nearly 75% of printing presses in India are family owned.
More about the revenue growth:
The Indian revenue growth rate while dealing with Indian Printing Industry, has now outpaced GDP national growth. According to the economic survey report, the growing rate of the print industry lies between 12 to 13%, on an annual rate, in the year 2011. The survey is projected in the overall growth in Printing industry and has extended up to 14%, per annum. It includes the allied industries too.
According to the economic survey reports, present annual turnover has grown to 50,000 crores in Indian rupees. The present capital investment in the printing industry has extended over 83,000 million. Well, another third report from ITPO has mentioned the figure to be around 80,000 million rupees. The collective Indian packaging and printing industries have a combined growing rate of more than 13%.
At the end of 2018, the printing industry is likely to reach 374 billion in Indian currency. The Indian printing industry has now evolved in a dramatic manner over the last few years and stays within the top 10 countries.
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