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Business services sector in India
Business services are very essential and significant in any economy and their growth means that the economy is growing and there is potential for business in this sector. Business services support business without which no business can survive all by itself. A significant number of businesses can be related to just one business. The country today has all kinds of business services that are flourishing. Right from manufacturing segments to packaging and marketing, every business revolves around one business. The market is ripe and the potential is vast and there are many more sectors that need to be explored and are fresh. India has a vast and cheap labor that truly helps to flourish. Besides, it is the biggest share of the country’s GDP. The GDP has increase to $ 783 billion in 2015 with a 9 percent rate faster than the GDP of 6.2 % in the last four years.

Investors and investments
Foreign investors are keen to invest in the Indian business services as even the foreign as well as domestic consumers are interested in the service sector. Exports too are largely based on the business services in India. India comprises of a large share of qualified, skilled and talented people who are available at low cost and so the country also gets work from the foreign countries. The growing trend ensures that the services are of the highest nature and suit the international standards. The government has taken steps to ensure the service sector growth rate in India rises at a faster rate. The FDI equity inflow from April 2000 to 2015 was the highest as they have attracted various investors. Major developments are also seen by the government as well. The performance is every sector directly affects the business services.

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