Common industry sector growth in India

Food, drink, tobacco and catering industry machinery and equipment


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What does the current growth say about industries?
Indian industries today are growing rapidly, and the country also has many foreign investors as they expect potential growth in various industries. The food processing industries account for 32 % of the total food market of the country and 14 % of manufacture GDP. The food service is also expected to rise and reach $ 78 billion by 2018. Even the online food ordering business is now gaining popularity and increase in demand and growth. Talking about the soft drink business here, the growth is tremendous and is expected to grow at 28 to 30 % for 30 years. Demand for fruit juices, packaged juices, milk drinks, bottled water, etc has risen dramatically. Similarly, the catering industry too has seen a steep rise and growth rate of 15 to 20 % and is a 15,000 crore industry in India today. Catering industry is rising, and there is a demand as we see everywhere. It also remains unaffected even during the economic slowdown. People are now availing catering service even for smaller functions and not just big events.

The growth and expansion of industries
Catering equipment and machinery industry too are significant in the Indian market and are related to the core industry like food, drink and catering. Various international and domestic companies have invested heavily in the machinery and equipment industry due to the demand and the growing sector. These industries depend on each other for business and growth, and even the government has taken the initiative to gain momentum and support the industries. The government is keeping a close watch and rules are being implemented in matters of hygiene and sanitation and cleanliness.

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