The industrial development and the current scenario for industries in Karnataka.

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The progress of Karnataka
At present, the gross state domestic product is $ 115.9 billion in 2014-15. It was around 12.04% from 2004 to 20014-15. The per capita GSDP increased at the rate of 10.94 from 2004 to 2014-15 to $ 1,900. There are various industries thriving in the state and has provided employment and business to the state and its people. Some of the important ones are agro, automobile, aerospace, biotech, textile and garment, heavy engineering, food processing, IT, fishery and agriculture-related industries as well. The state is IT hub of the country and is 4th largest technology cluster in the world. It comprises of 13.01% of total exports of the country. With three software technology parks and the direct IT investments, the state has become a lucrative option for investors.

Industrial advantages
Today the state is among the fastest growing state in the country and contributes around 5.68 % of the GDP of the country in 2014-15. The developed infrastructure and the investment opportunities here have made the state a favorable one for investments. The state boasts of 401 R&D centers, which is the largest in the country. Silk industries are also thriving here, along with electronic product manufacturing industries. The tea, coffee, cashew, spices, and rubber industries are quite successful. Another contributor to the state’s economy is the power and energy sector. Mining is also said to be a major industry in the state as it is rich in mineral wealth.

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