Significance of timber and wooden products

The scenario of timber and wood industry
Most of the wood and wood products are seen in the construction industry for building and for the furniture and interior purposes. India has various types of wood and wood products made of high quality and that which suits all kinds of market. The country’s end-user market is the commercial construction and is the largest contributor to the wood industry. The growth of the construction industry and the real estate market have risen tremendously and the demand for wood for different construction purposes. There are wooden products, machinery and the related industries that are growing due to the favorable market. There are innumerable products that are made from timber and wood and are also exported which are also an added benefit. Today the industry is focusing more on the trends in the market. Awareness of eco-friendly houses and construction material is also increasing

The future plans for the timber and wooden products
There are many international players and collaborations that are keen to invest more in this sector and want to grow the industry aggressively in various fields and even exports. There are various opportunities in this sector as the market is healthy with the rising income of the middle class, the rising population and the working class. The government has chalked out plans for the wooden and timber industries that can boost the growth and develop the infrastructure as well. The machinery in this sector too is a developing and growing industry where you see many international companies ready to invest heavily. Besides, the furniture industry too cannot be ignored for its vast range of products that are manufactured and the growing demand for it in households and other establishments.

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Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry


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