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Being the world’s largest sourcing destination for IT, various international companies have been set in India that have been outsourcing the work. Numerous domestic companies are also competing with the players in the international market. India has an immense talent pool in the IT industry which attracts a lot of foreign investors towards investing in the industry.
The Indian IT industry is highly cost effective. This is the major reason of its success and continued boom. The cost-effective manpower saves around 25% of the operational cost of the multinational companies.
India stands at the 3rd position in context of technology-based start-ups, owing to more than 5,000 established in the country.
India has favourable government policy and regulatory support for the IT industry. The industry offers a range of services. Low-end application development, high-end integrated IT solutions across multiple verticals, with a well-developed vendor base can all be found. The Indian IT & software industry adheres to quality processes and standards. Most companies align their operations with international standards. Software technology parks and special economic zones in India provide an affordable real estate space for IT companies.
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