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Measuring and testing equipment devices hold extreme importance in many fields. This includes, fields such as electronics and telecommunications. Such devices are used for the testing of and measuring the electronic and mechanical products, as also, the products related to telecommunications. The quality testing can be done from these devices. After manufacturing any product, its qualities need to be assessed. This is done through such equipment.
The market for test and measure equipment has categories such as general-purpose test equipment, fibre optic test equipment, and wireless communications test equipment. The industry is quite vast and is still growing. This is because of the rising demand from various sectors in the market for such equipment. The industry employs both skilled and unskilled labour. The related industries are the cell phones, digital cameras, solar inverters, MP3 players and more. There are also mechanical products like automotive car suspensions, turbines, aircraft systems, etc.
Analysts have forecasted the testing industry of India to grow at around CARG of 13.24% over a period of 2015 – 2019.
The world today is experiencing better products, services and businesses. Also, technology has seen and is continuously seeing rapid advancements. Thus, it is essential that the industry provides testing and measuring measure. There are large scale investors in the industry who know the booming market and have seen great potential in it.
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