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ITW India Private Limited

ITW India Private Limited Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporters of Quality Control Inspection Equipment and Materials. Magnetic particle Inspection (MPI) Equipment: CD Series, CMD Series, CSV Series, MD-Series, D-Series, A-Series. MPI Accessories:Cables and Connectors, Digital Hall Effect Meter, Centrifuge Accessories, Split Coils, Remote Control Cable, Clam Shell Coil Assembly. Fluorescent Wet Method: Magnaglo-20B, Magnaglo-MG-410, Magnaglo-MG-2410, Magnaglo, Magnaglo-14A, Magnaglo-14AM. Visible Wet Method Particles:Magnavis Black Visible Magnetic Particles, Magnavis 7C Black Concentrate, Magnavis-7HF Black Premix and Magnavis-9C Red Concentrate. Visible Dry Method Products:Magnavis 2 Yellow, Magnavis 3A Black, Magnavis-1 Gray and Magnavis-8A Red. Solvent Removable Penetrant Developers: Spotcheck SKL-SP1, Spotcheck SKD-S2, SKL SP2 and Spotcheck SKD-S2 Non-Halogenated Solvent Developer. Zyglo Water Washable Penetrant:Zyglo ZL-19 WW, Zyglo ZL-67 WW, Zyglo ZL-56 WW, Zyglo ZL-15B WW and Zyglo ZL-60D WW. Zyglo Emulsifiers:Hydrophilic ZR-10B Emulsifier Method D and Lipophilic ZE-4E Emulsifier Method B. Zyglo Developers:yglo ZP-5B Water Suspendible, ZP-14A Water Soluable, Zyglo ZP-4B Dry Powder and Zyglo ZP-9F Developer Zyglo Additive:Zyglo LT-101 is a fluorescent oil based additive which is used for leak testing. Zyglo Compact Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Systems. Zyglo Kits:Zyglo Kits &Zyglo ZA 70 Kit. Cleaner Remover:Spotcheck SKC-S and Spotcheck SKC-I Daraclean Neutral Cleaners:Daraclean 212, Daraclean 235 and Daraclean 236 Daraclean Alkaline Cleaners:Daraclean 282 and Daraclean 282 GF DaracleanHeavty Duty Cleaners:Daraclean 257, Daraclean 200, Daraclean 259, Daraclean 283, MagnaVu Dip and Daraclean 238 Sonotech General Purpose Couplants:Sonoglide UP, Sonoglide FE, SonotechEchogel, SonotechUltragel II, SonotechSoundclear 60, SonotechSoundsafe Sonotech High Temperature Couplants:Sono and SonotechPyrogel. Sonotech Specialty Application Couplants: Hihg Z and Shear Gel. Hand Sprayer Applicators: Magnaflux spray guns and portable pressure sprayers provide even, controlled application of penetrants, developers, cleaners and water rinse used in the liquid penetrant inspection process. Post Emulsifiable Penetrant:Zyglo ZL-27A PE and Zyglo ZL-37 PE Liquid Penetrant Inspection:Spotcheck SKL-SP2 Solvent Removable Penetrant, Spotcheck SKL-WP2 Water Washable Penetrant, Spotcheck SKL, Spotcheck Developer and Spotcheck SKL-WP. Magnetic Particle Inspection:Daraclean 212 Aerospace Cleaner, Zyglo ZL19 WW for Lamination and Self Ballasted Black Light ZB-150F-SB. SpotcheckKits:Penetrant Inspection Kit SK-816 and Penetrant Inspection Kit SK-416 Oil Vehicle: Oil Vehicle &Magnaglo-Carrier II Oil. Water Bath Additives: Magnaglo Water Conditioner, Magnaglo Non-Silicone Anti-Foam, Magnaglo Corrosion Inhibitor and Magnaglo-WA-2B Water Conditioner Portable Inspection Kits: Magnaglo Magnetic Particle Inspection Kit and Magnavis Non-Fluorescent Test Kit White Contrast Paint &Magnavis White Contrast Paint. Water Washable Penetrant:Spotcheck SKL-WP, Spotcheck SKL SW2 and Spotcheck SKL-4C Penetrant. Test Block Panels: MagnafluxNiCr test panels are ideal penetrant sensitivity comparators. Crack Comparators Magnetic Yoke Kits:Magnavis Magnetic Yoke, Magnavis Battery Powered Yoke Kit, Magnavis Magnetic Particle Inspection, Permanent Magnetic Yoke and Yoke. Contact Pads and Plates: Magnaflux copper braided contact pads and lead contact plates prevent arc burn by helping maintain proper electrical contact between test parts and contact heads. Black Lights Equipment: Magnaflux ultraviolet black lights and black light systems are designed to maximize the detection properties of your magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspection process. Black Light Accessories: Mounting Hardware, Safety Glasses, Black Light Bulb, Black Light Filters, Black Light Meter. Timers and Monitoring Devices: Professional test equipment used for monitoring and controlling the dwell times and concentration levels of materials used throughout the penetrant inspection process. ZL-2C.s formulation has been designed to be impervious to water to protect it from over washing and permit more penetrant to remain in discontinuities for improved detection of small defects.

Supplier of:

  • Lubricants, petroleum based
  • Chemical base materials
  • Lubricants, low temperature, petroleum based...

Tirupati Industrial Corporation

We are EXPORTING providing Total Gauging Solutions & Consultancy under one roof: Full range of Industrial & Precision Dimensional Measuring Instruments, Equipment, Gauges & Software in India. WE ARE DEALING IN FOLLOWING MAIN PRODUCTS AS FOLLOWS: 1) FORM PRODUCTS: (D) - Surface Roughness Testers: - Portable & PC Based Type, Roundness Testers, Contour Measuring Machines, Profile Projectors & Measuring Microscopes, 2) 2D / 3D MEASURING MACHINES: (D) - 3 Co-Ordinate measuring Machines. (For 3D Measurement), Quick Vision & Quick Scopes. (Non-Contact 3D Measurement), Laser Scan Micrometers. (For Non Contact OD Measurement), Linear Height. (For 2D Measurement) 3) MATERIAL TESTING EQUIPMENTS. (D) - Metallurgical Microscope with Image Analyzing Software, Spring Testing Machines, Hardness Testers, Portable Dynamic Type & Table Top Models, coating Thickness Instrument, Digital Gauss Meters. 4) Variable Type Measurement. - Measuring Instruments: (D): Dial Indicators, Venire Calipers, Micrometers, Bore Gauges. Height Gauges. Etc -Measuring Tools & Accessories: D Slip Gauge Set / Magnetic Tools / Surface Plates / Optical Lenses / Comparator Stands / Torque Wrenches / Push Pull Meters / Tool Pre Setters / Floating Carriage Diameter Measuring Machine / Dial Calibration Testers / Height Masters / Precision Spirit Levels. Etc -Air Gauges: P Air Plug Gauges / Air Ring Gauges/ Air Caliper Gauges / Air Gauging & A/E Multi-Gauging Fixtures. - Contact Type Plug gauges: For ID & OD Measurement. 5) ATTRIBUTE TYPE MEASUREMENT / LIMIT GAUGES: (P) Plain Plug gauges / Ring Gauges / Thread Plug & Ring Gauges / Snap Gauges / Adjustable Snap Gauges / Master Setting Discs / Width Gauges / Taper Plug & Ring Gauges / Measuring Pins / Thread Measuring Wires / Splecial Gauges / Receiver Type Gauges / Splecial Gauging Fixtures 6) ENGINEERING SOFTWARE: D -SPC / SQC & MSA Software (GR & R, Linearity, Accuracy, Stability Measurement). -DATA IQUISITION From Any Digmatic Instruments to PC. -Quality Management software for QS 9000 & TS systems. 1)AP (Product Part Approval Program),APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning), P & I (Purchase & Inspection), PPAP (Product Part Approval Program, CRM & IRM (Customer Relationship & Internal Rejection Management), SPC (Statistical Process Control), Calibration & MSA (Measurement System Analysis).

Supplier of:

  • Timber, wooden products, machinery and equipment for the woodworking industry
  • Woodworking tools
  • Calipers and dividers, woodworking...

MELSS Automation Limited

MELSS Automation are Manufacturers, of Electronics Test & Assembly Products: Soldering and SMT Rework-Soldering and Rework Tools used in Electronic Rework Bench. Probes and Test Sockets : Tools for Electronic Testing, Assembly and Rework Bench. Memory Device Programmers, Ggeneral Test Measurement- Electrical & electronic Passive Component Tester, Teradyne Defence & Aerospace, Instrument Power Supplies, Electrical Safety Testers, Display / Video Testers, General T&M Products. Telecom & Photonics: State-of-the-art automated test measurement equipment Test measurement (wire line and wireless) products Optical passive components characterisation solutions are: Optical connector end face characterisation, Optical insertion and optical return loss test products. RF safety and EMF measurement products, Programmable optical filters for optical component emulation, pulse generation and manipulation, DWDM system testing, Flexgrid system development, optical/microwave filtering, High resolution optical spectrum analysers for picometer resolution spectral analysis in combination with a real-time measurement update rate of up to 10 Hz. Strategic Electronics- distribution of advanced testing and simulation systems. Automated Test Equipment, Re-engineering, Simulators. Industrial Automation, Control Systems, Instrumentation & Software- PLC Conrol Systems- Poka â€" Yoke packaging verification syst, Assembly sequence verification system, Furnace/Kiln/Oven control system, Dosing system, Production material transfer automation. MES Software, Test Automation-MES, Product traceability, PIMS ,DAQ & Reports, Inventory storage and retrieval, Production display systems, Telemetry/Remote, Production control room , Packaging verification, SCADA. Test Automation:Motor test system, Thickness measurement system, Leakage test system, End-of-Line test systems, Assembly data acquisition. Simulators-Small Arms Training Simulators (IFATS). Aircraft Part Task Training Simulator. Aircraft Systems Maintenance Simulator â€" Mirage 2000. Ship’s Bridge & Engine Room Simulator. Sea King, Sea Harrier Maintenance Training Simulator, Navigation and Weapon Systems training Simulators (Mirage 2000) Engine Maintenance Simulator (Mirage 2000) Combat System Simulator (Navy) Submarine Control Simulator IT Solutions: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Production Display System, Remote Data Management & Telemetry, Inventory Storage & Retrieval, Plant Information Management System, traceability. Electro-Mechanical Test Systems: Thickness Measurement System, Motor test System. Instrument Dielectric Test System, Spower Supply ATE, Cable Test System, Feeder RTU/IO Test Systems, Protection Relay Test Systems, PCB Functional Test Suystems,Data Acquisition System. Associated Companies: United Electric Systems

Supplier of:

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration equipment
  • Driers, industrial, electric
  • Drying and curing equipment, ultraviolet (UV), industrial...

Delta Sigma Automation & Instrumentation Private Limited

Turnkey Solution Provider of Industrial Automation, Process Automation, Instrumentation, Projects, Erection & Commissioning, Construction, Data Management, Intelligence / Security Systems, Operations Maintenance, Project Management, Procurement, Construction.Temperature, Thermocouples, Thermowells & Assemblies, RTD (PT100), Thermistor Elements, Temperature Transmitters, Connectors & Panel Systems, Wire, Relative Humidity, Infrared Measurement, Precision Calibration, Ice Point References, Handheld Measurement, Meters, Timers & Counters, Transmitters, Controllers. Flow & Level, Rotameter/Variable Area, Air Velocity, Electronic Mass, Ultrasonic/Doppler, Turbine, Paddle Wheel & Positive Displmt, Vortex Shedding & Pitot Tube, Electromagnetic, Valves, Level Switch & Measurment, pumps,instrumentation & Accessories, tubing,fittings. Pressure, Strain & Force, Transducers & Transmitters, Strain Gages, Load Cells, Displacement Sensors, Dial Gauges, Valves & Regulators, Dynamic Measurement, Switches. Automation, Automation Controllers & HMI, Process Measurement & Control Instruments, Sensors & Transducers, Wire Connection, Power Products, Relays and Timers, Enclosures. pH & Conductivity, Instrumentation, Electrodes, Dissolved Oxygen. Data Acquisition Software, Ethernet & USB Systems, Input Boards/Cards, Output Boards/Cards, Digital I/O Boards/Cards, Signal Conditioners, Communications & Converters, Alarm Systems, Wireless Communication, Dataloggers.

Supplier of:

  • Plastic products for the electrical and electronics industries
  • Plastic products
  • Contactors, plastic...

Jyothi Spectro Analysis Private Limited

Jyothi Spectro Analysis Private Limited Is A Specialised Services In Inspection & Carries Out Mechanical, Chemical, Metallurgical & Non-Destructive Testing to National & International Specifications. Materials Analyzed in the Chemical Testing Laboratory include:Aluminum Alloys, Carbon, Low Alloy & Stainless Steels, Cobalt Alloys, Copper Alloys, Magnesium Alloys, Nickel Alloys, Superalloys, Titanium Alloys, Tool Steels, Zinc Alloys, Cast Iron, Weld Metals,Carbon & Sulphur by Combustion, Water. Mechanical Tests: Tensile Test, Hardness Test, Charpy test, etc. Tests are conducted as per ASTM, BS, IS, DIN, or client specified standards. Metallography: Metallurgical tests carried out in Met Lab include: Phase Identification, Alloy Segregation, Macrostructure, Weld Profile checking, Depth of Penetration, Grain Size, Grain Flow, Coating Thickness Measurement, Non Metallic Inclusion Rating , Nodularity, Mesh Size, Particle Count, Coating Analysis, Failure Analysis,Material Defects, Heat Treatment Condition, Surface Carburization, Decarburization,Case Depth Measurement. Chemical Analysis Carried out by Spectrometer & Wet Analysis, NDTS such as Ultrasonic, Radiography, MPI & DPT. Third Party Inspection Petrochemical, Fertiliser, Chemical Projects & Welding & Fabrication, Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Storage Tanks. Non Destructive tests carried out in NDT lab include:Ultrasonic Test, Radiographic Test, Magnetic Particle Test, Liquid Penetrant Test.

Supplier of:

  • Measuring instruments, magnetism
  • Test equipment, magnetic property
  • Ultrasonic measuring equipment...

Powersoft Systems

Maunufacturers and Exporters of Multi-Function Data Loggers that Record Data Collected from Thermocouples or 4-20 mA Inputs or 0-5 V Analogue Inputs. Powersoft Systems ProvideS Embedded Development Solutions in the Area of Automotive Electronics, Process Controls and Medical Electronics. Powersoft is Currently Engaged in the Following Activities. Manufactures Digital Energy Meters, Dataloggers, Embedded Development Systems, Consulting Services in the Applications of Microcontrollers for Medical Equipment, Automotive Actuators, Process Control Systems, Radio Frequency Identification Devices, Power Electronics, Motor Controls, Training in Embedded Development in the Areas of Microcontrollers and DSPs. Products: Energy Measurments: 1 Phase Power Meter, 3 Phase Power Meter, Power Factor Controller, VIF Meter. Data Loggers: 8 Channel RS232, Multi-Channel RS485, LED Matrix Display For Datalogger. Embedded Development Tools: PICWrite Microchip Programmer, EDS16F87X Development System, EDS 8051 Development System, EDS-DAQ Data Acquisition, LCD-Keypad board, 7-segment LED board, ADC-DAC Board, Text Books on Microcontrollers, Ultrasonic Development System, Stepper Motor Driver Board, BLDC Motor Driver Board, DSP kit for BLDC Motors. Software: Power Management, Datalogger, Software for LED Matrix Display. Training: Embedded C for TI-DSPs, Embedded C for PIC-16F87X, Embedded C for PIC-18FXX, Embedded C for 8051, Assembly Language- PIC, Assembly Language-8051.

Supplier of:

  • Electrical equipment. Nuclear equipment
  • Electric power supplies
  • Power sources, AC...
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