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Industrial situation and scenario in the state
Uttar Pradesh is the favored tourist destination due to the presence of world famous Taj Mahal. Around 182.8 million domestic and 2.9 million foreign tourists have visited the state. Apart from this it is also an agricultural state that ranks second in the production of vegetables of India and is a large state. Even milk production is highest here and accounts for 17 % of total production of milk in the country in 2014-15. There are several other industries here that contribute to the economy of the state. Major players and companies have their offices here that centers in NOida. The state is also a known hub for IT and ITes industries. Besides the other key industries are agro processing, textiles, sports goods, handicrafts, handloom, tourism, mineral based industries and food processing. The state comprises of skilled, unskilled and semi skilled labor in large number and that is why employment is possible here.

Proposals and plans of government
The state comprises of good industrial infrastructure along with social and physical stability. The state has great connectivity with 48 national highways, rail links to most of the cities and 6 airports. The growth has been incredible with rise in industrial clusters, public private partnership projects and development zones. The government has around 15 industrial areas, growth centers, 12 specialized parks and 18 notified economic zones. They have taken various steps to improve the schemes of the industrial sector and expand the growth and attract investors. You can see a well chalked out policies for biotech and IT sectors. The electronic hardware and software SEZs have been sanctioned by the state government.

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