Growth Of Postal Services, Telecommunications, Radio And Television Through Central Banking Solution

Initial phase of Postal services in India
The Indian Postal Service is here with 155,333 post offices and considered to be a widely distributed post office system on a global count. The economic crises might have deteriorated the conditions in the mail marketing arena, which previously led to 20% loss of mail traffic, during the chosen 2 years downturn. It even forecasted a loss of 30% over the next few decades. This was the initial result, which led the entire postal service with excess capacities.
The latest scenario to unfold:
Despite a downfall in the Indian postal service over the past few years, the scene has changed completely. Today, Indian Post is offering a wide range of affordable and accessible services to Indian people through its outstanding and unparalleled networking strategies. The mainstay service of post offices deal with POSB PLI, Mails and Parcel. These platforms include new additions of services like EMO, money transfer and mutual fund distribution. These measures have proven to be successful enough to let the postal service gets back to the track. The same growth is associated with telecommunications, television and radio sessions.
Enhancing the competitive advantage
Due to the growing competitive advancement of tested accounting process and geographical accessibility, India Post has now positioned its agency with India Government. The primary aim is to implement the present growth policies. For more improvement, India post has currently introduced core banking solution under a central government with alternative channels. This helps in offering faster fund transfer, additionally with easier withdrawals. Some of the alternative delivery channels are the internet, phone, ATMs, mobile banking and SMS.

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