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Vayhan Coffee Limited

Manufacturer, Importer & Exporter of Pure Spray Dried Instant Coffee, Pure Granulated Instant Coffee, 3-in-1 (Coffee, Sugar & Creamer)...

Earth Expo Company

Earth Expo Company Is An Iso, Haccp,kosher & Organic (eu & Usda) Certified Supplier Of Spices: Chillies,s17,s4,s12,bhut Jolokia ...

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Agriculture forestry economy - India is a country with a diverse climate, environment, and geography. The distribution of forest vegetation is also large with different kinds of species, forests, and crops that are cultivated all over the country. Forest products like paper, sawnwood, plywood, timber, matchwood, poles, pulp, gums, tendu leaves, bamboo, spices, drugs, tannins are all quite in demand, and that is why the government is focusing on developing the sector that comes under agriculture and forestry. The sector has significant potential for employment for urban as well as the rural population from the production, machinery used for production, industrial application and others. Agroforestry comprises of 65% of the country’s timber requirement from the farm-grown trees. Agriculture is also the main occupation of a larger chunk of the population in the country and today the country produces a variety of crops that are also exported to various countries. Agriculture also gives rise to employment in various sectors like machinery, fertilizers, marketing, transport, labor, skilled professionals, stores, management, sellers, wholesalers and more. The direct and indirect involvement is huge, and, therefore, it is seen as an important source of economic activity in the country.
Measures of the government - The government is quite alert in this sector and is helping out with those who are not able to cultivate on their land due to natural calamities and also providing guidance on lands that face a shortage of water, fertilizers and pesticides. It is also concentrating on exports as there is huge scope in this sector. There is a consistent growth record in the export of non-timber forest agricultural products over the past five years.
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