Get the details of the growth in the industrial sector of Delhi.

Market size
Delhi has lots of industries and to gross state domestic product of Delhi was $ 74.8 billion in 2014 and has grown to 12.8% since 2004 to 2014. Till 2017, the growth rate is expected to grow at 11.5%. What we see today is an attractive opportunity to start new ventures and expand the existing ones domestically and globally. The government has created two special economic zones to help people involved in various sectors of the industries.

Investments in industries
The Delhi state industrial development corporation is significant when it comes to shaping the growth in the industrial sector. There are around 944 industrial sheds and 8 industrial complexes. Delhi stands to employ almost 95% and has a workforce of around 33%. The main industries in Delhi are construction, real estate, power, telecommunication, and IT sector. The manufacturing sector cannot be left behind like gems and jewelry, home textiles, leather industries, electrical and electronics sector are flourishing brilliantly in Delhi. Being a major commercial city of Asia and also an important tourist destination, there are various industries that have cropped up that related to tourism as well. Delhi is responsible for the fastest economic and industrial expansion of the country. The good employment opportunities and the various opportunities provided by the bright industrial sector have been very significant in attracting investors from all parts of the world.

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