The current scenario of education in India

Education industry in India
India has the largest young population who is in the school, college and young adult group that is involved in education or even training period. The country has a bright future when it comes to education as the people want to provide the best and highest education to their children. India has a huge population and the market for education is vast. Today the education and training sector alone stands for $ 600 billion and private sector is expected to cross $ 45 billion by 2015. It is today one of the major employment drivers in the country and is also expected to grow within the next few years. The education system here is ahead of the other developed countries, and, therefore, we find even foreign students who are interested in studying and earning a degree here. The number of students pursuing a degree and a higher degree is more that other countries. We see the private sector in education is more actively involved and is also more successful than the public sector.
The scope of education and training
The education system is improved and is parallel to the international standards. It is also the biggest contributor to the economic growth of the country. Several initiatives are taken by the government to attract foreign investments for the expansion of the education sector. The government is working towards increasing the awareness and the importance of the education and the various opportunities that it provides. Today the education is also moving towards becoming technology oriented and. Therefore, the investments are also going to increase with a potential to attract around $ 75 billion in the coming years. The opportunities lie in vocational training, schools, higher education and others.
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