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The garment industry of the country is a well-organised one and one of the best in the world. Clothing and Footwear comprise of a very large sector. The clothing and textile industry is a big aggressor in India. Its exports contribute a huge part to the Indian economy. India is the largest manufacturer of clothing after China. The clothing industry contributes a huge share to the total exports of the country. Also, big and well-known brands and retailers from all over the world are attracted to India due to the low production costs.
India is the world’s 2nd largest manufacturer of footwear. Leather footwear is the core strength of the footwear industry in India. Various well known reputable companies of the world are sourcing footwear from here. The footwear is manufactured in medium and large factories as also in small-scale and cottage industries. The traditional method of making footwear can still be seen in the rural parts of the country. India annually produces 2.1 billion pairs of which 90 per cent are consumed internally and the remaining is exported to various countries, especially in Europe.
The investments of foreign players in the clothing and footwear industry are apparent. The government has also focused on ‘Make in India’ program and has invited various well-known brands to set up plants in India.
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