The strong growth of clothing and footwear in India

The positive scenario of the industry
Clothing and footwear comprise of a very large sector. Clothing and textile industry is very much aggressor in India and the exports also a contribution to the Indian economy. They both have strong retail value growth in the country. The rising disposable incomes and the urbanization along with the need to improve personal appearance among the population of India have helped drive sales in the domestic and global arena. The trend is also towards spending on premium products as the youth is very brand conscious today than ever before. Clothing in India comes in various categories like ethnic, western, casual, premium, and many more. The customers here can have a wide choice when it comes to clothes, and the clothes here are made of high quality and of international standards and are exported. The affordable prices are another factor that makes buying easy and fun. The investments of foreign players in the clothing and footwear industry are apparent. The government has also focused on ‘Make in India’ program and has invited various well-known brands to set up plants in India.
Footwear sector
Leather footwear is the core strength of the footwear industry in India. The country is also the second largest producer of footwear in the world. Various well known reputable companies of the world are sourcing footwear from here. Shoes and uppers are manufactured in large or medium scale units while the chappals and sandals are mostly in the cottage and small scale industries. Today, most of the large industries use state-of-the-art technology to meet the internationals standards of finish and quality. The footwear industry is flourishing in both ways. Even today the traditional ways of making footwear exists in the rural parts of the country.
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