Where does the furniture and linen industry stand today?

Value of furniture industry
The furniture industry of India covers sectors like sourcing, distribution, manufacturing and sales. The industry has foreign players as well as domestic players who see a bright future in this industry for a long time to come. The reason for the investments in high numbers is the availability of raw materials that are needed for the furniture like wood, plastic, bamboo, metal, cane, etc. the domestic market is also very huge, in fact, the largest consumers of wood that is manufactured here. The household use and the business establishments always order custom-made furniture, and that is the traditional way of choosing furniture. Furniture manufacturing takes place on a large scale and is driven by designs, and inputs that come from individuals. The cheap labor, the skilled craftsman, the availability and the demand are the factors that make the manufacturing sector a truly attractive one. The findings are that the Indian economy is rising in the living standards which have become the key factors that influence the demand generation in the furniture industry. The market today offers attractive options for growth even for the multinational players that are keen on entering the Indian market. The investments are on the trend of increasing in the right way.

What is the future prospect?
The Indian consumer is ready to invest a huge amount for home and office furniture as it is a necessity and they love it. The imports are growing these days as there is a demand for the western designs and style of furniture. However, the typical Indian look and style are still in fact in most of the areas of the country which is positive. The government has several plans that are made to boost the industry and also get investors to invest here.

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