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Sports equipment is nothing, but the goods used while playing sports. This includes ball, goals, net, sticks, clubs, bats, stumps, racquet, wickets, bases, rods, tackles and more. It also includes a variety of sport-specific footwear (football studs, cricket spikes, golf shoes, running shoes, skates, skis and prosthetics), protective gear (helmet, mouth guard, shin pad, jock strap, ski suit, elbow pad, shoulde pad). Training equipment like swiss ball, chin up bars and more. At times, certain sports like motor sports, cycling, sailing, golf and hot air ballooning require specialised vehicles.

All of these area part of sports equipment.
Today, leisure and sports equipment sector is expected to grow at CAGR of nearly 14.29% within next five years. It will witness a growth in retail sales to nearly INR510.2 billion, by the end of 2019.

The roots of the concept of healthier and good living are growing deeper and stronger. This is the major cause behind the increment of health and fitness regime. This, in return, is working out well for sports and leisure equipment.
India is one of the top manufacturers of sports and leisure equipment. It stands third only to China and Japan. This has contributed a lot towards the growth in the country’s GDP during the economic strain. The sports sector is labour intensive and provides both direct and indirect employment.

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