India’s Growing Trend Towards Sports And Leisure Equipment

Basic details to incorporate:
The present Indian market growth in Sports and leisure equipment sector is quite unbelievable. Today, leisure and sports equipment sector is expected to grow at CAGR of nearly 14.29% within next five years. It will witness a growth in retail sales to nearly INR510.2 billion, by the end of 2019.
Growing, strong economy offers various opportunities for some organized retailers. India’s young and expanding middle-class is now holding the primary key for the growth of this present retail industry. The concept of healthier and good living is the major cause behind the increment of health and fitness regime, which in return, is working out on sports and leisure equipment.
Comprehensive synopsis of this arena:
A detailed sector report about the Sports and leisure industry in India offers information about comprehensive analysis of some forecasts, emerging trends, and growth opportunity. This growth is mainly related to India’s leisure industry, where sports related equipment is getting sold out like hot cakes. The present data, covering 2 product categories, include toys, sports equipment, and games in Indian sports.
Global sports sector growth:
It is an imperative truth that India’s contribution towards sports has led to the growth of GDP in the economic strain. It gave rise to employment and also caught linked up with other economic sectors. The sport sector is mainly labor intensive and contributes to both direct and indirect employment. In India, various types of sports and leisure equipment gets sold out on the annum basis. However, the difference lies in fan following, sponsorship and retailer involvement. Some sports are treated based on a competitive level, whereas others get viewership involvement.
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