Machinery industry and its growth in India

Agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment


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Industry machinery and equipment in India
India manufactures various kinds of machinery for production purpose. Machinery can be large, medium or small scaled. The country is also leading in exports of machines in various industries such as the steel, mining, mining equipment, fertilizer, petrochemical manufacturing, cement, heavy engineering equipment and more. The agriculture machinery industry has supported to increase the productivity of crops and also the labor and land. The machinery is used for soil developing and clearing, tractors, processing machinery, irrigation, power tillers, drainage equipment, milling equipment, etc. the Agricultural equipment are highly advanced and meet the international standards when it comes to reliability and productivity. Agricultural machinery are used for activities like sowing, reaping and even spraying fertilizers, and more. The tractor industry is one of the major agricultural machinery and industry which has great potential and demand as well.

Growth in the industry
The agricultural machinery market will grow at 8 % of CAGR in future. The agricultural equipment manufacturers are now focusing on integrating advanced technologies like the robotic systems to improve the productivity. The government is also providing subsidies and loans on the machinery for the farmers and those engaged in forestry. Agricultural machinery like the rotavator, power tiller, thresher, etc. are now getting more and more popular, and the government is also focusing on providing these machinery to farmers with instant loans. The agriculture and forestry sector is vast, and that is why it needs different kinds of machinery and equipment for the production purpose. Machinery and forestry equipment will definitely give a boost.

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