Facts about the beverage industry in India

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Details of beverage industry
Consumption of non-alcoholic beverages will definitely increase 16 to 19 % over the coming years as more and more people are getting into the beverage industry due to the demand and profits from the beverages. The packaged drinks are very much loved by the people, and it is not just the soft drink or coke that people love, but the fruit juices and vegetable juices that are highly in demand today. The production of these beverages is expected to grow at 16.5 % annually and the non-corporate at 19 %. The approximate gross domestic product growth of 7 % is expected by experts. India’s beverage market is mostly unorganized, and we see almost 75 % of the demand is fulfilled by the unorganized sector. The international players like Pepsico Inc and coca cola co have invested heavily in India and will do so in the coming years. The market is new and fresh, and the demand for pure fruit drinks and milk items like sweetened milk, lassi, yogurt, milkshakes, etc. is on the rise for its health value. Therefore, there is a focus on exploring these areas of beverages. The consumption of tea, coffee, lemonade, bottled water and carbonated drinks too are enjoyed by consumers and this market is expected to reach $ 5.18 billion in 2015.

Plans of the government
The government is ready to provide the needed boost and support to the beverage industry in India and has come out with plans that can help the industry to grow. The Indian Beverage Association or the IBA plans to bring together the stakeholders to join the platform to help the growth and support the industry using various rules and regulation and also following the norms. Importance has been given to food safety and hygiene considering it is related to the health.

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