Growing Aspect Of Indian Paper And Board Making Plant And Equipment

Paper and board making plant and equipment


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Incorporating Growth Of Paper With Board Making Plant:
The paper industry has a prominent social role to play while dealing with the Indian economy. Using paper is considered to be a proper index of cultural development. Paper industry also helps in contributing towards various industrial requirements as a whole. Some examples are publicity, information dissemination and more. This, in turn, helps in stimulating the industrial growth of present country. Paper and board making plant and equipment industry play a catalytic role in the growth of paper industry.
Primary sectors to look to:
The primary product sectors, while dealing with paper and board making plant and equipment, are manufacturing pulps from cellulose fibers, wood, and rags, manufacturing paperboard, transforming paperboard into converted products. Some examples are paper bags, machines, paper boxes and envelopes. Other forms of commodity grades of printing, wood pulp and writing papers are used, followed by industrial type papers, sanitary issues, boxboard, and containerboard.
Present statistics of paper industry:
In latest few years, the paper industry has grown by nearly 6%, at an annual rate. This growing rate can hike up to 10%, due to the growing demands of printing and writing papers. Upstream market of various paper products is also growing, like tea bags, tissue paper, filter bags, medical grade coated paper and more.
At present, the Indian paper industry is worth of nearly 225 billion rupees. It gives rises to 1.6% growth of world’ production of both paper and paperboard items. The demand for paperboard and paper will elevate to 110 lakh tonnes by the end of 2015. In case, GDP grows by 10%, the demand of paper industry will be at 8%.

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