Industrial scenario in Maharashtra today

Market size and share
The state has attracted a large number of investors who will provide maximum employment. There are several prominent industries in Maharashtra like textile, automobile, sugar, agriculture, IT, electronics, etc that have helped other kinds of industries to flourish. It is equally a frontrunner in the small scale industries as well. The gross domestic product accounted for 13% of the nation’s gross domestic product in 2014-15. It grew at 11.1% till 2014-15 and reached $264.8 billion. The FDI of Maharashtra is US$73.12 billion from 2000 to 201 which is highest in the nation compared to other states. The exports were $73.9 billion in 2014. The key industries like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, IT and ITES, engineering, auto and auto components, petrochemicals, gas, oil, and textiles have truly contributed to the extreme growth in the state. One simply cannot ignore the sectors like agriculture, tourism, realty power, finance, infrastructure industries in the state.

The progress in the state
People in Maharashtra are involved in various sectors like agriculture where we see 64% of the population and industry where the population involved is 46%. Industrial sector of the state contributes to almost 25% towards the national output. The exports also contribute to the growing industries in the state like gems, jewelry, textiles, metal, drugs, plastic items, software, readymade garments, cotton yarn, agro based products, food, spices and more. This is possible due to the well developed physical, social and industrial infrastructure.

B2B advantage
With the growing industrial sector in the state, it truly becomes difficult to meet each and everyone whom you want venture with and so the option of Kompass B2B portal is great. This is the place where one can sell, buy, and also meet fellow businessmen who can contribute in various ways.
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