The importance of energy and environment development in India.

Steps taken to develop energy and environment
The rise in economic activities and other related activities concerning energy and the environment have increased tremendously. India has taken the initiative to tackle the issues to help people to fulfill their needs and has prioritized the issue. The country has witnessed energy crises and even environmental deterioration. The nation has realized the consequences of environmental imbalance and energy deficit. Energy fuel and water have been the main agenda of various projects of the government. The oil and gas sector is one of the six core industries in the country and is a major player when it comes to decision making in the economy sector. In 2014, India was the 4th largest consumer of energy in the world and with 37 % of oil and gas in the energy consumption. The imports are higher and reserves are low. The imports accounted for 80% of the total oil demand in the country. Renewable energies like biomass and biofuels, solar, wind, hydro, tidal are considered important with the government taking up various plans to cover the sector and develop it. The energy equipment industry is on the rise with an aim to help conserve energy and also provide services to the people. Management of water supply, pure water, waste water management and supply infrastructure is being carried out on a large scale.
Scope of improvement in the sector
The government and the people are very well aware of the consequences of playing with energy and environment, and that is why there are various plans to conserve the energy both domestic and imported. Investments are also being made in the sector to help improve the conservation and utilization in a proper manner.
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