Proficient Growth Of Paper And Board Industry To Touch 9.6% CAGR

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Promising growth for domestic demand:
Indian paper industry is growing at a past face, due to the growth of domestic demand. There are different important reasons, which are now offering a growth towards the paper industrial sector. Some of those examples are literacy rate, increasing population, GDP growth, improvement in manufacturing department and also an individual lifestyle. ITC and BILT are considered to be the largest producers of paper and board in India.
Primary focus of Indian paper industry:
The main focus of Indian paper and board industry is to match the growing demand of customers. Manufacturing houses are increasing their capacity and the main focus has now shifted towards eco-friendly technology and products. The Indian government has now established rules and some regulations to take proper control towards forest degradation and population.
Going through the latest industrial focus:
As per the latest news feed from India Paper Industry Forecast & Opportunities, 2017, Indian paper industry is likely to expect a growth a CAGR of nearly 9.6%, during the time frame of 2012 and 2017. This change will enhance the revenue of the entire paper industry and help India reach the target of USD 11.83 billion, by the end of 2017. Nearly 70% of the total paper production in India takes place in West Bengal, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra and Karnataka. Other states accounting for nearly 25% of paper production, are Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh. Kerala, Haryana, Assam and Bihar.
Important aspects to be discussed:
According to the new Paper Industry Forecast, 2017, the global market size, forecast and share are thoroughly discussed. Similarly, this forecast also talks about the latest market trends and growing opportunity, with raw material analysis.
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