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ABS Impex

Leading Manufacturers & Exporter of protective packaging material used during storage and shipments of cargo by shipping containers. Container Desiccants Inbox Desiccants Fragrance Desiccants Kraft Liners Oxygen Absorbers Container Dressing Material Products : Dry box , Dry Gel , Dry sac , Dry bag max , Inbox Desiccants Drybag , Inbox Desiccants Drysac , CONTAINER SIZE KRAFT PAPER ROLLS , 2 Ply Corrugated Rolls , 3 Ply Container Size Sheets specially designed for shipping containers , Oxygen Absorbers are oxygen scavengers that remove oxygen from the product packing and keep the product fresher for longer , Fragrance Desiccant is designed for application in cartons, boxes, and poly bags. Placed together with the goods, ABS Fragrance desiccants not only absorb excess moisture but also work as Insect Repellent, Mosquito Repellent inside the product packaging and gives good Fragrance , Container Dressing - Container Dressing is combination of Container Desiccants and Craft liners used inside containers during export of various Commodities. EVERY YEAR CLOSE TO 150 MILLION CONTAINERS ARE SHIPPED BY SEA. ABS is into protective packaging material. The cargo in 30 % of these containers are in danger of being damaged by humidity causing mold, corrosion, rust, fungus, and mildew to the products during shipments. Thousands of containerized cargo is damaged due to moisture . Metal parts arrive corroded, cardboard boxes moldy and wet on arrival food commodities are found to be unfit for consumption due to excess moisture damages. This problem costs manufacturers, Freight Forwarders, shipping lines, Trading Companies, importers and exporters billions of dollar loss every year.

Supplier of:

  • Paper bags and sacks for packaging
  • Paper and board
  • Envelopes and bags, paper, desiccant
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