The need for environment services in India

The scope of environment services in India
The environment industry has grown drastically in the past few years. It is estimated to increase in billion dollars in the coming years with an annual growth rate of 5 %. The environment industry today is very much an aggressor in the developed countries, but India too is moving forward to catch up with them in all the segments of the environment services. The rise in the population and the economic growth along wit the need for effective management of the environment and its sectors have led to the investments in this sector by domestic as well as foreign investors. Solid waste management service is a great sector that is today one of the major services that is very much essential in Indian cities and also in the rural areas. The current scenario in the waste management in the cities, it is expected to increase. Industrial solid waste on the other hand is also creating havoc when it concerns to environment. The hazardous waste is truly getting into the environment ruining it to a larger extent.
Growing sector of environmental services
The Indian market is expected to grow around $ 3.2 billion and more in the coming years. There are several activities in environmental services like the water treatment, disposal of waste, pollution control, and more. The services are conducted in compliance with support services like monitoring, lab testing, auditing, legal, strategic environmental services, consulting and more. There are non- traditional and traditional core environmental services today in India. The nontraditional services have led to the growth of the service sector in environment. With the major initiative coming from the government, the sector is growing at a rapid speed.
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