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The renewable energy sector in India is the 2nd most attractive renewable energy market in the world. India has the fourth largest installed capacity of wind power and the third largest installed capacity of concentrated solar power (CSP). Hydro power forms the largest source of energy constituting over 43% of the total renewable power generation installed capacity. India is expected to become the third biggest solar market across the globe in 2017.
The Government of India is committed towards increasing the use of clean energy sources. The government is implementing initiatives to boost the Indian renewable energy sector.

Solid waste management service is a great sector that is today one of the major services that is very much essential in Indian cities and in the rural areas. Industrial solid waste is also creating havoc when it concerns to environment. The hazardous waste is truly getting into the environment ruining it to a large extent.

A range of activities under environmental services include water treatment, pollution control, disposal of waste and many more. There are non- -traditional and traditional core environmental services today in India. The non-traditional services have led to the growth of the service sector in environment. The Indian government is taking lot of efforts due to which the sector of environmental services is growing rapidly.

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