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The industrial expansion of Kerala
The state is among the few that have cashed on its natural beauty. Kerala is famous for its agricultural produce as well. The gross state domestic product was 9.9 % from 2004 to 2014-15. There are several reasons for the development of Kerala like the Trans- national trade corridor, great infrastructure, rich natural resources, large labor force which have been favorable for investors in large numbers. Some of the key industries in Kerala are handlooms, power looms, mining, sericulture, cashew, bamboo, rubber, coir, spice, tourism and spice extracts. We can see some small scale industries as well as large scale industries in the state that have contributed to the economy of the state. The state contributes around 69% of rubber and 73% of pepper production to the country’s total production.

Investing in Kerala
There are several reasons why one would invest in Kerala. The industrial sector looks very promising. Today there are large and booming industries related to textiles and also electronic industry. The coffee and tea industries also contribute to the employment force and exports as well. The state has around 1.8 lakh small scale or more industries and around 511 and more medium sized and large scale industries. The IT sector in Kerala also has a bright future as it has become a destination for development of software, e-business solutions and e commerce. The state also boasts of highest literacy rate which is why there are large number of professionals employed.

The B2B Kompass
Kerala is an important state and Kompass has been creating platform to solve the issues of business entrepreneurs who want to invest in Kerala and want to know more about the industries and factories here.The platform is used by many small and large businessmen who want to be visible all over the country and even outside.