The new face of photographic and optical equipment in India

Photography equipment
Today, the photography and the optical equipment industry is very popular with people getting more and more aware of the photographic world and want to have the best shots of them wherever they go. The market for the equipment has suddenly popped up with new cameras, equipment and other products that are highly advanced and sometimes very expensive as well. New equipment in the market are making it more and more lucrative to buy for its advanced technology and plenty of features. The array of equipment helps to enhance the pleasure in photography and get the most beautiful shot with the aid of the equipment. Cinemas are also getting more sophisticated, and the reason is the highly advanced equipment used in it. The country has seen a boom recently, and, therefore, production has grown. The presence of foreign players is quite dominant in the industry. In the eyewear industry that is the optical industry around 35% of the population need proper vision correction and eyewear, and that amounts to laser therapy, spectacles, contact lenses, and more. Around 94 percent of them wear spectacles and 6 % wear contact lenses. Sunglasses also form a part of the optical equipment industry and are today a necessity.

Overview of optical and photography industry
In the recent years, the awareness of the consumer in the eyewear accessories sector has grown, and people have been taken great care of their eyes by purchasing premium brands that are stylish. Sunglasses and the spectacle frame industry are today looked like a fashion industry as well. The industry has a great potential in growing and has only a few organized players. The optical retail business is accounted for around 2,300 crores and will grow in the coming years.

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