Facts and figures about the industrial expansion of industries in Tamil Nadu.

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Present status of industries
Tamil Nadu is well developed in infrastructure and has quite a few heavy industries that take the state to be one among the developing states. The state is recognized as the auto production hub and provides employment to a large number of people. The state also ranks first in the country in the number of factories here. You can say it is a leader in several industries like heavy commercial vehicles, cement, IT and ITes, textiles, banking, electronic hardware, tourism, automobile and more. The well developed infrastructure makes it possible for the rapid development of the state. There are 23 minor ports, seven airports, three major ports and a good rail network. The state is the largest electronic hardware manufacturing and exporting hub in the country. Prominence is also given towards the sugar industry here with is the second largest agro based industry that contributes to the rural economy of the state.

Initiatives of the state
The gross domestic product contributes to 7.9% in the year 2014-15. It grew at a compound rate of 12.67 % from 2004- 2014-15 reaching $ 161.2 billion in 2014-15. The state government has plans to increase the investment in infrastructure from 4 to 5% of GSDP to 10% by 2015 and by 2019 around 11.5%. The state government also has provided some major initiatives to promote more investments from several destinations domestic and foreign. The state proposes to improve the highways for proper transportation of goods and invests around $27.7 billion. Besides, there are 17 new projects worth $ 334.8 million. The government has also proposed sector specific SEZ at the cost of $ 219.0 mn for the engineering sector.

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