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Today, India is growing with the rise in the economy and the favourable factors that relate to the hire and rental services. The car rental market in India is seeing surging growth owing to the rising amount of demand. More and more people are ready to spend money for the best of services and great cars.

Today, the car hire market is pegged at $ 9 billion of which only 10% is organized. The coming years will definitely see more cars for hire and more rentals at important places and streets. Expect car rental sector to grow at CAGR at 12% and is worth approximately $ 15 billion in the coming years and 50% will be the organized sector share in it.

The organised sector and unorganised sector, both have a market that spans far and wide all over the country with different types of clients having different requirements. The growth is expected in the organised sector investing more in the luxury cars. Around 500,000 car rentals are expected to run on Indian roads. With all these factors, it is evident that the personal incomes are on the rise.

Today, there are a number of international and domestic companies ready to invest heavily in car rental service. The sector is slowly on the process of getting to the top and significant industries. The companies are well managed and are ready to provide different kinds of services relating to car hire.

A great boom is predicted for this sector in the future. Now the hire system will take place not only according to the destination, but also on hourly rates and intermediary connective passengers to drivers. One can only hire a car and drive on their own. They can even hire just a driver for their vehicle. There are players in this sector who only act as middlemen and manage clients. The government is planning to support the sector with more concrete plans.
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