Know about the plastic industry of India

In the 1957, the Indian plastic industry made a modest but promising beginning with the commencement of production of Polystyrene. Since then, the industry has made significant achievements.

Plastic holds high importance. Many investors have realised its potential and have invested in the plastic industry looking at the scope of its growth in India. The plastic industry has reached in almost every field. The use of plastic is seen in our daily lives along with its usage in manufacturing units. The use of plastic is seen in automobile, consumer packaging, daily use products, etc. Today, due to the rising population and demand, plastic consumption in the country is way more than 15 million tons.

Since the development of plastic and its products, their exports are steadily rising. The Indian export sector is promising and aggressive among the developing countries.

The country exports a wide range of products like plastic moulded, extruded goods, laminates, leather, cloth and sheeting, travel ware, consumer goods, fishnets, electrical accessories and a lot more. The manufacturing capacity and infrastructure along with the cheap and easily available labour has led to the growth and development of the plastic industry in India. Also, another major strength is the easily available raw material in the country which helps the country to be independent of the imports.

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