The scope and growth of tourism in India.

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Tourism and its role in Indian economy
The Indian tourism industry has emerged over the years due to the development initiatives that have taken place in various sectors like hotels, restaurants, infrastructure, and more. In total, the tourism sector has contributed to almost $187.9 billion to the gross domestic product tin the year 2014-15 and compound annual growth rate of 11.7% from 2011-2014-15. The industry has great potential due to the rich cultural heritage and the historical monuments along with the vast geographical diversity and ecology. It has also helped to employ a large number of people in every sector of tourism. Today it is a well-recognized industry and has reached every corner of the country. The sector is a predictor to grow in every corner as there is something unique and different here. The annual growth is valued to be around 8.8% from 2011 and 2021 which makes it 5th in the fastest growing tourism industry in the world. The medical tourism also contributes to leisure tourism and that is why it has doubled the scope and potential.
Scope for tourism industry
There are various types of tourism with a great scope, such as adventure tourism, wildlife tourism, pilgrimage tourism, eco-tourism, cultural tourism, business tourism, heritage tourism, sports and education tourism and more. Today, the industry is the key driver for growth in the economy along with being an employment generator and source of foreign exchange. There is a lot of economic activity in this thriving sector with domestic and foreign tourists interested in exploring all the regions of India. The Indian ministry of tourism has been promoting various projects of tourism and campaigns like Incredible India has attracted all types of tourists.
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