The Growth Of Transport And Logistics Services

Transportation and logistics services


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Growth of transport and logistics
Today, the transport and logistics industry is in the limelight for it has won the recognition from the other industries. They both are seemingly well positioned to come out of the turbulent global scenario. The rising investment is a good trend along with it, is rapidly evolving regulatory policies and the improving mega infrastructure projects and various other developments in the other sectors have improved scope for the logistics sector. Transport systems are developing for the better, and, therefore, multiple projects and services are being carried out in several industries. Both these industries are still evolving, and they have a bright future in India due to increase in demand for these sectors. The economic growth of India has directly affected the industry in a positive manner and government is taking initiatives in various reforms for transport and logistics services.
Government and private participation
The logistics industry with its significant growth in 2014 has hopes to maintain the same growth through the coming years. The air cargo too has seen a rise along with the road. Urbanization and the industrialization have increased in a short span of time, and this has also made consumption, higher in terms of freight and passenger transport. Besides, the higher income and the rising population along with the liberalization measures of the government have led to the growth of vehicles of all types and modes. There is ample scope for increasing the existing capacity of the transport and logistics due to the demand. The different mediums of logistics industry also serve effectively for the transport of industrial or private purpose. Logistics comprises of various big foreign players and also domestic players.

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