The manufacturing of chemical plant and equipments

Need for rise of chemical plant and equipment's industry
India is on the way to compete with the international players in the chemical machinery industry. Today, there are almost hundreds of concerns in here that are engaged in chemical machinery and equipment's manufacture. There are various equipment's manufactured in India like the crystallizers, distillation stills, vacuum pans, end runners, water purifiers, kneaders, autoclaves, pressure vessels, driers, sulphuric acid plants, and many others that are needed to manufacture chemicals to be used for various purposes or industries. Chemical plants have been set up in the country which are now expanding and have a bright future. There are different chemicals that need different kinds of equipment's to use it. The chemical industry accounts for 2.11 % of GDP. It is the 3rd largest producer of chemicals in Asia and is 6th in the world. All these figures are important for the revenue of India and therefore importance is given to chemical industry equipment's and plants.

Government investments and initiatives
With the ‘Make in India’ initiative, the government has seen tremendous growth of Rs. 1, 10,000 crore since its announcement. Various international companies are now interested to invest in the manufacturing sector. You see many manufacturing plants not only in one corner of the country, but they have spread all over the country. Employments have grown due to the skilled engineers who are trained and well educated in the technical sector. The government of India has ambitious plans to set up manufacturing units and also improve the needed infrastructure sector that will benefit the chemical plants. The growing economy and the rise in population are contributing to the rise and growth of chemical plants and equipment's.

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Chemical industry plant and equipment


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