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The rise of organic product industry
Today we see that people prefer organic products as compared to chemical ones apparently due to the side effects and less effectiveness to fulfill the purpose. Organic products are more eco-friendly and are made out of natural materials available naturally on the earth. The global organic products are also expected to rise along with the Indian organic products demand. The Indian report states that the exports of organic foods were valued at Rs. 1,000 crore which is quite a boost. There are several organic products that range from cosmetics to food to drugs and more. In fact, every field is now exposed to the organic market. India has the potential of producing more organic products as compared to other countries due to the agro-climatic conditions here. The country practices inherited traditional farming that is a mostly organic way, and that acts as an advantage. India is 10th among the top ten countries in the world in the cultivable land of the organic sector. India produces around 1.24 million MT of certified organic products that are agricultural products. It also includes cotton fiber and functional food products. The exports accounted for 135 products in the year 2013-14 with 194088 MT including 16322 MT organic textiles.
Plans for the future.The government of India has taken several initiatives to support and boost the production and help the employment sector as well as the economy of the country and utilize the resources to its fullest. The government has implemented the National Program for Organic Production that involves accreditation program for certification bodies and standards for the productions and promotion. The NPOP standards are also recognized by the European commission as they are equivalent to their standards.

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