Understand the chemical products industry of India

Overview of chemical industry
The chemical industry is growing at an average rate of 12.5 %, which is a good sign. The industry offers a wide spectrum of fields to invest for both the domestic players as well as international. Today there is a great market for all kinds of chemicals used in different applications and the human resources found here are tremendous and that is why chemical industries flourish. Today India ranks 12th producer of chemicals in the world. There are various types of chemicals that you need to understand that the Indian chemical industry is into and they are varied in nature and application. They are the pharmaceuticals and bulk drugs, agro chemicals, organic chemicals, dyes, specialty chemicals, inorganic chemicals and more. All these are different kinds of industries generating very high revenue and influencing the Indian economy. Besides this they generate a large employment that is both skilled and unskilled. The chemical industry also has huge export potential with a great demand for various types of chemicals.

Future forecasts
With different kinds of economic reforms that have taken place in the country since the past few years, the industry has gone through various changes. One can see various companies coming up and gearing to reach the top. Dyes and agrochemicals have been the aggressors and have taken them to the global platform. The export in the chemical sector has reached $ 300 million in 2015 and the investments are $ 50 billion. Categories in chemicals like dyes, agro chemicals and pharmaceuticals are highly in demand and therefore exported in large quantity. Due to the ‘Make in India’ program started by the government, there have been various plans and schemes provided by the government and investors are attracted as well.

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