The upscale graph of the industrial growth in West Bengal

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Industrial expansion and scenario - West Bengal is the 6th largest economy in the country and is the second largest tea producer as well. It’s a center place for the eastern part of the country and that is why the economy of the state is quite high in the east. The location is strategic for markets in southern part of Asia. The state has plenty of heavy, small and medium scale industries. It is also rich in natural resource due to the agro climatic conditions. Agriculture is the main occupation along with fishery. The key industrial found here are petroleum and petrochemicals, iron, mineral resources, biotechnology, jute products, automobile and auto components, steel, information technology, jute products, textiles, fisheries and leather. Apart from these there are various horticulture industries, agro-based industries metals and minerals as well. Currently the IT sector is getting a real boost in the state and is coming up in a big way. Another major industry here is tourism as the state has been blessed with natural beauty and historical monuments.
Future plans of the government - The gross state domestic product was $ 132.86 billion in 2014-15 and growth rate was 11.06 % from 2004. Agriculture contributes to 18.8 % in 2014-15. The state ranks first in rice production in the country with 15.4 million tons in FY 15. Fish production is also done on a large scale in the state. It ranks second in tea production and accounts for around 27.8 % of the total tea production in the county. Export of leather is around 500 tanneries and accounts for 55% of total exports of the country. The state plants to invest around $ 8.2 billion for infrastructure.
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